Cory Gardner

Honorary Chairman Cory Gardner

Cory Gardner

Honorary Chairman

Cory Gardner is a fifth-generation Coloradan focused on empowering people by getting government out of the way and letting innovation and creativity thrive. He believes in common sense reforms and making government more accountable to the taxpayer.

Cory was born and raised in Yuma, a small town on the Eastern Plains of Colorado where his family has owned a farm implement dealership for nearly a century. He lives in the same house his great-grandparents lived in. Growing up in Yuma, Cory learned the values of hard work and the benefits of a tight-knit community with a desire to get things done. He is a principled leader who is not afraid to work across the aisle for solutions that move this country forward.

Cory was elected to the House of Representatives in 2010. As a member of the powerful Energy and Commerce Committee, Cory has championed a true all-of-the-above energy strategy that maximizes domestic production and reduces our dependence on foreign imports. While he supports responsible development of Colorado’s abundant natural resources, Cory has also promoted renewable energy technology and is a national leader on energy efficiency initiatives.

Cory’s first action when elected to the House was cosponsoring a bipartisan balanced budget amendment. Our national debt has climbed above $17 trillion and Cory has fought to reduce it by examining waste, fraud, and abuse in all sectors of government. He is committed to restoring respect for Congress and making Washington work for the people again.

Cory graduated summa cum laude from Colorado State University and received his law degree from the University of Colorado Boulder. He lives in Yuma with his wife Jaime and their two children: 10-year old Alyson and 2-year old Thatcher.